June 4, 2015

Signal Lost: Inexistence

Inexistence no longer exists... despite the fact that the developer released a playable demo. The game has fallen off our 2D RADAR. The developer's Twitter hasn't been updated in over a year, and its website no longer exists. Here's what we originally had to say about the game:

Inexistence | PC and Android | Release Date TBD
Inexistence is an action-adventure title from developer Pixold, inspired by games of the 16-bit era. Players move through platforming environments, take on enemies and bosses with melee attacks, avoid obstacles, search for hidden passages, and even ride the occasional moving platform. In addition, the game features a number of RPG elements such as acquiring new equipment to deal more damage, earning experience points to level up, and speaking with NPC’s to further the story and purchase items. Players may purchase potions to restore health, and equip items to provide passive buffs.

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  1. Did you contact the creator? I made a couple of designs for him and it looked like he was still working on the project. This is one of the designs: