New Release: Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

A biomechanical slasher inspired by 16-bit classics like Hagane and Shinobi, from Joymasher

New Release: UnderDungeon

A Zelda-like dungeon crawler with 1-bit visuals and oddball humor, from Josyan

New Release: Elderand

A dark metroidvania where you must destroy a bloodthirsty cult, from Mantra and Sinergia Games

New Release: Haunted Lands: Burial Grounds

A tough and bloody DOS-style shooter, from Alexey Goryachev

New Release: Jitsu Squad

A colorful and chaotic brawler for up to four players, from Tanuki Creative Studio

March 12, 2023

Target Acquired: Haunted Lands: Burial Grounds

Haunted Lands: Burial Grounds, from Alexey Goryachev, is a DOS-style shooter reminiscent of Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion. You select one of four characters as you blast your way through cultists and monstrous creatures, leaving blood and viscera in your wake. Each character has a different set of weapons and abilities, with the hunters using guns, the mage using electricity, and the beast ripping baddies apart with her claws. You explore a large environment with branching paths, traps, and treasures, and you can equip a number of buffs back at your home base to give you an advantage in combat... which you'll need, because this game is tough. Enemies are overwhelming in strength and number, bosses are powerful, and checkpoints are infrequent, requiring you to make the most of every tool available, and hold onto your special attacks for just the right moment.

The game is now available for PC via Itch. Check our coverage here.

March 9, 2023

Target Acquired: Boneraiser Minions

Boneraiser Minions is the latest in a long line of chunky neo-retro actioners from Caiysware, the studio behind Spirits Abyss, Skelly Selest, and Straimium Immortaly. This is a wave-based auto-battling roguelike where you take on the role of a boneraiser who must (literally) raise an army of the undead to fight against the do-gooder heroes... and then use their bodies and souls to increase your power even further. But it's not all just minion management; you'll need to actively evade enemy attacks and collect the bones of your victims to unlock upgrades. Make use of big smashy skellies, bomb-tossers, and magicians to keep the king's crusaders from ravaging your crypt... but the tougher your enemy, the greater your army can become! And per this developer's tradition, there's a Clashful Cards collectible card game in there too.

The game is now available for PC via Steam

March 7, 2023

New Blip: Fallen Tear: The Ascension

Fallen Tear: The Ascension, from Winter Crew (game tweets), is an action adventure set in the magical but troubled land of Raoah. You take on the role if Hira, a boy looking to uncover the mysteries of his past in a journey that pits him against monsters, villains, and eventually the world's corrupt gods. As you grow your bonds with newfound friends and make decisions about your path forward, you gain new abilities that help you further explore the interconnected world and learn how to restore peace and balance. You can also expand your combat abilities to make yourself a more effective fighter... and take advantage of the beast within. The game features lovely hand-drawn animations and backgrounds across numerous environments.

The game is coming to PC but does not yet have an announced release date.

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