New Release: Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Action-adventure in the style of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, from Team Ladybug and Why So Serious

New Release: Heidelberg 1693

A dark and gruesome actioner set in an alternate 17th century Germany, from Andrade Games

New Release: Mighty Goose

A run-and-gun actioner inspired by arcade classics like Metal Slug, from Blastmode

New Release: Fallingstar

A Breakout-style game where you play as an angel who has been cast out of heaven, from Harley Wilson

New Release: Speed Limit

An arcade-style game offering nonstop action across multiple genres, from Gamechuck

June 14, 2021

New Blip: Replaced

Replaced, from Sad Cat Studios, is a gritty 2.5D cyberpunk action-platformer set in an alternate version of the 1980's in a place called Phoenix-City. You take on the role of an artificial intelligence called R.E.A.C.H. that has been imprisoned within a human body. Society has gone to crap after some kind of nuclear catastrophe, and now the streets are ruled by gangs and power-hungry warlords out to harvest your organs. You run, climb, explore, and fight your way through this dystopian hellscape, smashing bad guys with your fists and guns via smooth and stylish combat as you uncover the secrets of the world around you.

The game is coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S in 2022.

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June 13, 2021

Target Acquired: Fallingstar

Fallingstar, from Harley Wilson, is a Breakout-style actioner starring an angel who has been kicked out of heaven. As the angel falls from the heavens and toward the world of man, he has one last opportunity for redemption... he summons a moving platform (basically a Breakout paddle) that he uses to bounce himself upward. In doing so, he can fight back against the angels, killing them to steal their grace. If he manages to restore enough of his grace, he ascends to heaven where he challenges god for his throne in a fight to the death. If he fails, he falls ever further until he faces the ruler of the hell for a chance at becoming the king of hell himself. But if he fails even that, he is damned for all eternity. In addition to breaking blocks and fighting angels, you also collect gems to build your health and cards that give you optional modifiers in the next level.

The game is now available on for PC via Itch. Check our coverage here.

June 9, 2021

New Blip: Anuchard

Anuchard, from stellarNull, is a fantasy-themed action-RPG set in Anuchard, a once-great land that was protected by five guardians... until the guardians abandoned the people, and civilization fell, leaving only a dungeon behind. You take on the role of the Bellwielder of legend, tasked with entering this dungeon to fight the monsters and solve the puzzles within, in order to restore the souls of the Anuchardians. As the Bellwielder, your primary weapon is a huge bell - known as the Audros Bell - which you use to smash enemies and knock them back into each other and other objects, and you can knock objects around to combat enemies and solve puzzles. As you rescue villagers, they will join your cause by building shops and unlocking upgrades and weapon enhancements, allowing you to enter the dungeon to face more difficult challenges.

The game is coming to PC and Mac at the end of this year.

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June 7, 2021

New Blip: Roadout

Roadout, from Rastrolabs Game Studio, is an action-adventure game set in a post-cyberpunk apocalypse where an artificial intelligence reigns supreme. You take on the role of Claire, a driver/gun-for-hire who works in a desert region known as the DeadZone. By taking on jobs from local gangs, Claire discovers more about the origin of the AI and her connection to it. Gameplay is split between on-foot and in-car combat action. You break into AI-controlled facilities and fight off automated defense systems, slice through enemy bandits, and tune your car for races across the stark desert landscape... and you can equip your vehicle with weapons and defensive items to blast enemies on the go.

The game is coming to PC but does not yet have an announced release date.

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June 6, 2021

Target Acquired: Mighty Goose

Blastmode offers some honking good times with Mighty Goose, a run-and-gun shooter inspired by arcade hits like Metal Slug, but starring a planet-hopping bounty-hunting goose. Like the games that inspired it, Mighty Goose delivers fast action, screens full of bullets, plenty of enemies to destroy, and lots of beefy explosions. You face off against odd creatures, armored foes, bulky war machines, and screen-filling bosses that come at you from all directions while you take them down with your blaster and secondary weapons like the shotgun and Tesla cannon. And you can gear up in one of several vehicles for maximum destruction, including a mech suit and a tank.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, Switch via eShop, PS4 and PS5 via PSN, and Xbox One via Microsoft Store. Check our coverage here.

June 3, 2021

New Blip: Berserk Boy

Berserk Boy, from BerserkBoy Games, is a fast-paced action platformer where you... go berserk. You take on the role of a boy named Kei who is transformed into a powerful hero tasked with fighting Dr. Genos, an evil mastermind who plans to use an army of minions to take over the earth. Your abilities lie in transforming between five different elemental forms: earth, fire, air, ice, and lightning, and by chaining together combos, you fill a Berserk Meter that lets you unleash powerful special attacks. You perform projectile attacks, melee strikes, and dashes while hopping between platforms and bashing baddies, and some powers allow for environmental traversal as well, such as transforming into a drill to tunnel though loose dirt. The game is inspired by classic 16-bit platformers and even has music from Tee Lopes, who previously composed for Sonic Mania.

The game is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and Switch at the end of 2022.

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