June 13, 2021

Target Acquired: Fallingstar

Fallingstar, from Harley Wilson, is a Breakout-style actioner starring an angel who has been kicked out of heaven. As the angel falls from the heavens and toward the world of man, he has one last opportunity for redemption... he summons a moving platform (basically a Breakout paddle) that he uses to bounce himself upward. In doing so, he can fight back against the angels, killing them to steal their grace. If he manages to restore enough of his grace, he ascends to heaven where he challenges god for his throne in a fight to the death. If he fails, he falls ever further until he faces the ruler of the hell for a chance at becoming the king of hell himself. But if he fails even that, he is damned for all eternity. In addition to breaking blocks and fighting angels, you also collect gems to build your health and cards that give you optional modifiers in the next level.

The game is now available on for PC via Itch. Check our coverage here.


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