New Release: 1 Screen Platformer

A single-screen platformer with four playable characters, from Return to Adventure Mountain

New Release: Metaloid: Origin

A colorful action-platformer with three playable characters, from RetroRevolution

Coming Soon: Reventure (formerly Lonk's Adventure)

A humorous open-world platformer with 100 endings, from Pixelatto

New Release: Boxboy + Boxgirl

A lighthearted puzze-platformer starring cute boxes, from HAL Laboratory

New Release: Shakedown Hawaii

An open-world actioner with colorful SNES-style visuals, from VBlank Entertainment

May 16, 2019

New Blip: Raider of the Ruby Chest

Raider of the Ruby Chest, from Cacareco Games, is a Game Boy Color-esque action adventure that takes inspiration from the Indiana Jones films. You play the part of a whip-wielding adventurer - although you're a young boy rather than a professor of antiquities - who dives into booby trapped ruins to seek out great treasures... and the mysterious Ruby Chest. Along the way, you'll travel through five themed areas, solve puzzle-platforming challenges, and face off against enemies and bosses. As you explore, you'll discover new tools and abilities that allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas metroidvania-style, including a block-bashing hammer, the ability to climb certain walls, and the ability to swim.

A demo in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, but it does not yet have an announced release date. A demo is available on the game's page.

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May 14, 2019

New Blip: Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas, from Daniel A. Ramirez (game tweets), is a platformer starring a boy named Alex who finds himself in a strange world and transformed into a cute pink thing called Whipseey. Whipseey can hop-and-bop like many other platforming heroes, or he can use his whip to smash enemies or swing back and forth on grapple points, or he can spin it above his head like a helicopter to slowly glide to the ground. He travels through a number of colorful environments, including forests, deserts, frozen wastelands filled with toys, and even underwater caverns as he tries to make his way home.

The game is coming to PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this summer.

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May 12, 2019

Target Acquired: Boxboy + Boxgirl

Have you been following Hal Labs' charming Boxboy puzzle-platformer series? It's well worth a look, as the existing trio of 3DS-exclusives are simultaneously excellent and inexpensive. If you aren't familiar, be sure to check our coverage of Boxboy, Boxboxboy, and Bye-Bye Boxboy. In any case, the series is quite inviting, so even if you missed out on the others, or don't own a 3DS, you can still check out the newest game, Boxboy + Boxgirl. It's much bigger than its predecessors, weighing in at 270 levels, and it also includes a number of cooperative 2P stages for people who wish to team up. Per series conventions, there are some unlockables, including a playable character called Qudy, who is rectangular instead of square and will therefore create new gameplay challenges.

The game is now available on Switch via eShop. Check our coverage here.

May 9, 2019

New Blip: Spleen

The spleen is a part of your body that you don't think much about, but it serves an important function... and maybe you'll live a bit longer if you have a pamplemousse for breakfast (and maybe not). Spleen, from Pamplemousse Games, has nothing to do with any of that, and stars a young man in an action-RPG who hopes to recapture the excitement of his youth. As an adult, Johann interacts with his friends and coworkers, but as a kid, he wears a long scarf and carries along an oversized anime-style sword through a colorful hand-painted watercolor world, fighting tentacle monsters and other creatures on his way to defeat Spleen, a dark force that grows from the gloom of adulthood.

The game is coming to PC, with console versions following, but does not yet have an announced release date.

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May 8, 2019

Proximity Alert: GunLord X

Unless you're a really big Turrican fan, you might not have heard of GunLord, and that's because developer NGDEV released the game exclusively on the Dreamcast in 2012 (way beyond that system's official end of life)... but you haven't missed your chance to give it a try. GunLord X promises to bring "eurostyle" running, shooting, and exploration to your Switch console, with 11 stages and 60+ enemy types. You play the GunLord himself as he blasts his way through colorful baddies on a mission to rescue his wife, leaving explosions, chunky particles, and smoking husks in his wake. You also take to the skies in horizontal shmup sequences that see you blasting through enemy ships and other hulking monstrosities. You have a Turrican-esque beam weapon and an array of other armaments that you can cycle through, as well as a very strange Turrican-esque roll (really, it's a good idea to study up on Turrican before you sink your teeth into this), and you face off against some grotesque screen-filling bosses along the way.

The game is coming to Switch this month - May 22 to be exact - which is pretty exciting given that it was just announced today... and there's a five-and-a-half minute trailer to get you up to speed on the insanity that awaits your tender fingers.

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