New Release: Tower 57

A top-down dieselpunk dungeon crawler, from Pixwerk

New Release: Super Skelemania

Another charming skeleton-based metroidvania, from Benal

New Release: Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue

A platformer adventure starring fan-favorite MegaTen demons Jack Frost and Pyro Jack, from Ladybug

New Release: Ersatz

A rhythm-based platformer with an electronic soundtrack, from Paris Stalker

New Release: Heads Run

A greenscale speedrunner with lots of traps and the occasional terrifying monster, from kass-stwa

January 18, 2018

Proximity Alert: Remnants of Naezith

Remnants of Naezith now has an official release date! It's arriving on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam on February 6.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again... there just aren't enough grappling hook games out there. Fortunately, Tolga Ay is here to help with Remnants of Naezith, a high-speed precision grappler that makes Radd Spencer look like Nathan Spencer. One day, a treasure-hunting adventurer named Kayra is grappling his way though some caves and finds himself possessed by Naezith the Thunder Dragon. As it turns out, Naezith needs the Kayra's skills to escape the cave, promising him great treasure in return. In the bargain, the adventurer finds that claws have been permanently attached to his hands, allowing him to fire them off and create a grapple beam. Players must swing their way past spinning saw blades, burning lasers, and pools of water while maintaining momentum, with gameplay inspired by Super Meat Boy and Dustforce. In addition, player have the ability to air dash, wall slide, wall jump, and double jump in order to make their way through the extensive array of caves.

January 16, 2018

Proximity Alert: Celeste

Celeste, by Matt Thorson (TowerFall) and Noel Berry (Skytorn), was originally released as a PICO-8 game (still available on and is now being reimagined into a more full-fledged experience. The game stars Celeste, a young woman who must make her way up the treacherous path to the top of a mountain. The game still features chunky low-rez art, but with a higher resolution than the original game, and with a widescreen presentation. The game is a precision platformer that sees the player climbing sheer cliffs, jumping around walls of spikes, performing wall jumps and double jumps to cross gaps, running against strong winds, dashing across crumbling bridges, and even bouncing on the occasional mountainside springboard (because platforming). Along the way, skilled players may attempt to collect gems and pieces of fruit tucked in out-of-the-way locations and usually surrounded by danger. On occasion, Celeste must face off against dangerous foes, such as a mirror versions of herself that duplicate her actions.

The game is coming to PC and Mac via Steam and, as well as PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on January 25.

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January 14, 2018

Target Acquired: Heads Run

Heads Run, from kass-stwa, is a follow-up and refinement of the developer's previous release, Porter, starring a fast-moving protagonist who is just a head that bops along the ground. The original game had 20 bite-sized levels that were built around moving as quickly as possible while dodging deadly obstacles. The new game offers 50 entirely new levels with several of the level elements from the previous game, along with some new ones, and numerous terrifying creatures that chase you through certain levels. Levels are built to be completed in a matter of seconds, and you can dash, wall jump, and (occasionally) double jump your way to victory... or to certain death in many cases. The game is presented in "greenscale" with a CRT effect, and there are lots of graphical improvements over the previous game as well.

Porter is still available on as a pay-what-you-want title, and it's well worth checking out. Heads Run is available on PC via Steam and There's a slight delay in the Mac version due to a bug, but it's expected soon. Check our coverage here.

January 11, 2018

New Blip: Desert Child

Desert Child, from Oscar Brittain is set on a ruined earth and stars a hoverbike racer who is trying to put together enough money to get off this stinkin' planet and get his ass to Mars. His life consists of entering races, customizing his bike, going to work, and occasionally chillin' out with a bowl of ramen noodles to earn him some buffs for the next race. He still has to make rent each month, so he can take on missions to track down bounties or run some drugs to get some extra coin in his pocket. The hoverbike can be customized with different weapons and modifiers, allowing the racer to blast his way through the competition as he works his way up through the circuit... or purposely throw the race for a payoff. The game features chunky pixel art with lots of explosions and special effects as the player rips through the scenery, with sci-fi artwork inspired by Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Redline.

The game is headed to PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam in Winter of 2018, with possible console releases at a later date. A demo is available on

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January 9, 2018

Early Arrival: The Vagrant

The Vagrant, from O.T.K Games, is an action-RPG set a in a beautiful fantasy world and inspired by the works of Vanillaware. The game stars a travelling "sellsword" named Vivian (The Vagrant) who hopes to find her family and learn the truth her dark origins. In doing so, she must hack and slash her way through dozens of unique enemies across the land of Mythrilia, passing through the houses of a seaside town, and into mountainous landscapes, dense jungles, ravaged fortresses, and barren landscapes. Players will find numerous weapons and pieces of armor that can be upgraded independently, and they can upgrade Vivian's skills along a robust skill tree as she levels up.

The game is already available (for an unusually low price) for PC via Steam Early Access, and is planned for a full release in February or March of 2018. Check out the game - and its ludicrously luscious artwork - in the trailer below.

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