New Release: Akumanor Escape DX

A Game Boy Color-style platformer inspired by classic gothic horror titles, from Michirin

New Release: Shovel Knight: King of Cards

An expansion to Shovel Knight starring the Quixote-esque King Knight, from Yacht Club Games

New Release: Rocketron

A metroidvania with loads of guns and loads of enemy robots, from Astro Port

New Release: Out of Fix

A bite-sized precision platformer with a focus on air dashing, from PÔLE 3D

New Release: Backspace Bouken

A humorous first-person dungeon crawler where you defeat enemies by typing, from RNG Party Games

February 25, 2020

Target Acquired: MoonQuest

MoonQuest, from Ben Porter, is a strange game starring a moonman (and some other characters) on a quest to bring light to his world by collecting moon fragments in a procedurally-generated action adventure. The world is surrounded by many moons, and these fragments may be found by exploring caves and tombs, or by killing creatures who have eaten them. The player hacks and slashes his way through a number of enemies, equips weapons and armor, and uses items to construct buildings. Adding to the game's odd humor are a number of helmets that cover the player character's face with traditional medieval armor, as well as others in the shapes of animal heads, including a cat and a pig. New weapons and armor may be purchased from merchants or forged by blacksmiths, and the player is able to find lots of items in the world that can be used and traded, and he can chop down trees and dig for treasure through the fully-destructible world.

The game is now available for PC via Steam and Itch.

February 23, 2020

Target Acquired: Out of Fix

Out of Fix is the product of several students from PÔLE 3D, a 2D/3D animation school based in France, and was developed over the course of three months. The bite-sized precision/puzzle platformer takes place aboard a spaceship that has crashed onto an unknown planet. You take on the role of a maintenance robot that activates many years after the crash to find that the ship has been overrun by alien life forms. Fortunately, the robot can use these life forms to traverse the ship by attacking them, bouncing off of them, and dashing through them in order to stay aloft and avoid the ship's unusually high number of spike traps. As the game progresses, the player must complete more complex movement sequences, occasionally interspersed with platforms that disappear and reappear with each dash.

The game is now available for free on PC via Itch. Check our coverage here.

February 20, 2020

New Blip: Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Record of Lodoss War began as popular series of Japanese novels, and later went on to receive numerous manga and anime adaptations, as well as several video games, and it returns once again in the form of a metroidvania entitled Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth. The game is the result of a team-up between Team Ladybug (developers of Touhou Luna Nights, Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue, and KonoSuba God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Revival of Beldia) and Why So Serious? (developer of Gensokyo Night Festival), and stars Deedlit, the series' elven heroine, as she awakens in an unusual and unknown place and begins encountering some of her old friends. The game wears its Symphony of the Night inspirations on its sleeve, but increases the visual fidelity with higher resolutions and extremely smooth animations. Deedlit attacks with quick melee strikes using a variety of weapons, and she discovers some ranged weapons as well. In addition, she is able to absorb spirit energy by defeating enemies, allowing her to take advantage of these spirits' powers to increase her attack power, defense, and regenerative abilities.

The game is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on March 13.

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February 19, 2020

Early Arrival: Skul: The Hero Slayer

Skul: The Hero Slayer, from SouthPAWGames, stars a young skeleton warrior and member of the castle guard, as he fights against brave heroes, plucky adventurers, and warriors of light, across a colorful pixellated world. Skul's king has been taken by an army of the living, and he must kill them all by smashing them with his bone club and tossing his skull Decap Attack-style, or he can take on new abilities by swapping skulls... By taking off his skull and replacing it with others, he is able to gain new abilities and weapons, such as equipping a warrior's helmet in order to attack as an armored knight with a sword, or using a samurai's skull to perform quick slashes with a katana.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam Early Access, and it's also planned for release on PS4 and Switch.

February 18, 2020

New Blip: Fury Unleashed

Awesome Games Studio, the developers behind the family friendly platformer Oozi: Earth Adventure, is back to wreck your sauce (ed note: your sauce will be fine) with Fury Unleashed, a fast-paced guns-a-blazin' actioner where you shred enemies across the pages of three comic books that contain randomized elements. You spray enemies with bullets from submachine guns, blast them with shotguns, torch them with flamethrowers, get up close for knife slashes, and warble-dee-doo them with alien weapons and advanced prototypes, and your attacks grow stronger as you string together combos. The game features customizable characters, a selection of weapons to bring into battle, and an extensive upgrade tree, along with 2P co-op for double the destruction as you fight your way through baddies and screen-filling bosses, with a heavy metal soundtrack blaring away in the background... just as nature intended.

The game is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch later this year. You can play the PC version now via Steam Early Access.

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