Coming Soon: SteamDolls - Order of Chaos

A steampunk metroidvania starring an anarchist on a mission to spark revolution, from The Shady Gentlemen

New Release: Fury Unleashed

A roguelike combo-focused run-and-gun set in a series of comic books, from Awesome Games Studio

New Release: BIOMASS

A sci-fi metroidvania where everything degrades the more you use it, from BRAINOS

New Release: Pilots of Darsalon

A gravity-based spaceship game inspired by the classics, with a Commodore 64 style, from Dr. Kucho Games

New Release: Huntdown

A sidescrolling shooter that epitomizes peak-80's action film schlock, from Easy Trigger Games

June 4, 2020

New Blip: Lords of Exile

Lords of Exile, from Squidbit Works, is an action platformer set in the Far East during an ancient period when dark creatures still walked the land, ruled by the evil Galagar. You take on the role of a cursed knight named Sir Gabriel, who must fight back the oncoming hordes and avenge the death of his wife, who was killed at Galagar's hand. Gameplay takes place across eight linear levels, each ending in a boss encounter. You are able to strike with your sword and use a number of throwing weapons, in addition to dashing, jumping, and performing downward stabs. Furthermore, your curse allows you to summon the shadows that possess you, offering protection, healing, or a screen-clearing attack. The game offers a reduced color palette and chiptune soundtrack, offering an aesthetic that falls somewhere between the 8- and 16-bit console generations.

The game is coming to PC, Mac, and Switch later this year, and may be ported to PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.

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May 28, 2020

Target Acquired: Pilots of Darsalon

Pilots of Darsalon, from Dr. Kucho! Games, is a gravity-based spaceship game where you must manage fuel resources as you dive into subterranean passageways to collect cargo and bring it back to the surface, occasionally blasting enemy turrets before they have a chance to do the same to you. The game is inspired by the classics of the genre, such as the foundational Lunar Lander and Gravitar arcade games. In particular, the game employs the rigid tow cable system employed in Thrust and Solar Jetman, where you haul your cargo up while being mindful of the pendulum motion created by tugging a heavy object behind your ship. The game takes place across 15 levels of increasing difficulty, and while environmental navigation is challenging (a keystone of the genre), the game offers multiple difficulty levels, a life bar for your ship and cargo, and a generous checkpoint system that will see most players through to the end. The game also stands out aesthetically with a Commodore 64-style color filter, multiple CRT display options, and music based on the C64’s SID chip.

The game is now available for PC and Mac via Steam. Check our coverage here.

Target Acquired: Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Developer WayForward presents the fifth entry in the Shantae series, entitled Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Everyone's favorite half-genie hero returns with Rottytops, Risky Boots, and her other and pals for a new adventure far away from their hometown on Scuttle Island. Apparently, there are other half-genies around the world, as Shantae discovers when she meets the eponymous Seven Sirens in a nonlinear action-adventure that takes her across a large interconnected world populated by villages, enemies, and bosses. As before, Shantae can dance to transform into animals, with a focus on aquatic forms this time around, and the game includes animated cutscenes.

The game is now available for PC via Steam and GOG, Switch via eShop, PS4 via PSN, Xbox One via Microsoft Store, and iOS via Apple Arcade (Parts 1 & 2).

May 27, 2020

New Blip: Super Cable Boy

In Super Cable Boy, from Sørb Games, you take on the role of a sentient handheld gaming device who is on a mission to defeat an entity known as The Glitch before it can destroy the world. You are able to jump, dash, and wall jump, and you can also use your power cord to get through the levels. Spin your cord around to fling yourself into the air, grab onto the ceiling to grapple and swing, and latch onto conveyor belts or moving platforms to be pulled along. You can even use it in boss encounters to grab pieces of the boss and unplug them, or impact other elements of the arena. Over the course of your adventure, you find game cartridges that grant you new abilities, and you'll eventually be swapping between dimensions and flying through electrical currents.

The game is coming to PC later this year. The game is a greatly expanded version of the original game jam entry, which you can check out on Itch.

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May 26, 2020

Target Acquired: Wildfire

Developer and stealth-focused website Sneaky Bastards wants you to sneak around and play with matches in Wildfire. The game is a stealth-based platformer where the player is able to use fire to his advantage. The protagonist is able to sneak through tall grass and use smoke to hide his movements, and he can also use fire to frighten enemies and even cause them to be killed as they try to escape the blaze... which you must do as well, lest the flames burn out of control and consume you. Players must use fire strategically or they run the risk of being discovered as long grasses are burnt away, or the glow of the fire may alert nearby enemies in dark areas. Eventually, players will be able to do more than start fires; they will gain the ability to propel themselves to higher platforms with jets of flame and use smoke clouds to cushion landings from greater heights.

The game is now available for PC via Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.