New Release: Straimium Immortaly

A tough-as-nails procedural rogeulike, from Caiysware

New Release: Salt and Sanctuary

A Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG, from Ska Studios

New Release: Nefarious

A game that places you in the role of a princess-kidnapping villain, from StarBlade

New Release: Pixel Session Vol. 1

A collection of five Pico-8 games, each focusing on a different gameplay mechanic, from Trasevol_Dog

New Release: Owlboy

A colorful classically-styled action adventure, from D-Pad Studio

February 19, 2017

Target Acquired: Nefarious

Nefarious, from developer StarBlade (game site) is a game that reverses the well-established video game formula of a princess-kidnapping villain by placing you in the shoes of said villain. Instead of rescuing a princess, you are travelling from land to land, kidnapping princesses to use in your world-conquering doomsday device, all the while facing off against plucky heroes who hope to stop you. The villain, Crow, comes equipped with bouncing grenades and a powerful punch, but can eventually upgrade these attacks to unleash rockets and machine gun fire. Some levels end with Crow manning a huge machine and smashing the hero with repeated attacks, taking a page from many such 16-bit villains of old. Some levels change things up a bit, including a boss fight that takes place as a turn-based JRPG-style battle, and another where a princess hops Crow's back and smashes enemies with her axe as Crow dashes madly through a crumbling and shifting ice environment.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.

February 17, 2017

Early Arrival: Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive, from 2Awesome Studio, is a teleportation-based shmup where you must pilot your ship across two battlefields. As you fly, you will encounter impassible lasers, sprays of bullets, other objects that require you to move to the opposite screen, teleporting to the same relative position on the other side. Your ship is capable of emitting a spray of projectiles that may be upgraded to several power levels, and the bullets may be aimed behind the ship to strike enemies you have already passed when you teleport across screens. If you're having a hard time keeping track of the action - or if you don't have two brains - you can bring along a friend for 2P co-op.

Dimension Drive is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam Early Access.

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February 16, 2017

New Blip: Songbringer

Songbringer is a sci-fi action-RPG from Wizard Fu Games, which offers a procedurally-generated overworld and ten dungeons packed with chunky pixel art and heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda. The game may be played alone or with a friend in 2P co-op, as players explore the landscape in search of more powerful items and weaponry, as well as abilities that allow them to reach new areas. Players gain access to melee and projectile-based weapons as they take on varied foes, enemy swarms, and huge bosses. Dungeons require the player to solve puzzles to see his way through, with some even removing the player's sword until the dungeon is completed.

The game is headed to PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, as well as iOS via the App Store later this year.

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February 14, 2017

New Blip: Super Skelemania

If you haven't played Skelemania from Benal, then you're missing out on a great - and somewhat unconventional - metroidvania. Fortunately, there's still time to check it out, as the game is pay-what-you-want on right now. In Super Skelemania, you take on the role of a skeleton man who uses his skull to bash enemies, and he steadily gains new abilities that allow him to expand his exploration and grant new combat tactics. These include a long diving jump, a running charge, a downward slam, and the ability to roll through narrow openings, Samus Aran-style.

The game is headed to PC and Mac via Steam in Spring of 2017. A demo is available on Game Jolt and Check our coverage of the original game here.

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February 12, 2017

Target Acquired: Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary, from Ska Studios, is a "soulslike" (a.k.a. Dark Souls-inspired) action-RPG. The game offers a high level of difficulty, a complex interconnected world that the player is free to explore, and a limited number of health-restoring safe areas called sanctuaries. The player may select between numerous character classes, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay styles, which may be further enhanced via a robust skill tree. The game offers hundreds of unique items, a variety of upgradeable weapons and armor, and a handful of healing items that the player must maximize in order to survive. Players harvest salt from defeated enemies, but risk losing it all if they are killed, and salt is needed in order to upgrade equipment and level up. This is a dark and unfriendly world that is meant for hardened gaming veterans.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, PS4 via PSN, and also planned for Vita. Check our coverage here.