New Release: Eagle Island

A roguelike actioner with an elementally-charged owl and light metroidvania elements, from Pixelnicks

New Release: Grelox

A sci-fi actioner inspired by Zillion on the Sega Master System, from Sunteam

New Release: Electronic Super Joy 2

A precision platformer filled with neon, pulsing beats, and Satan's butt, from Michael Todd Games

New Release: Steel Sword Story

A sidescrolling actioner set in a dark fantasy world, from 8bits Fanatics

New Release: Blazing Chrome

A run-and-gun heavily inspired by the 16-bit Contra games, from Joymasher

August 18, 2019

Target Acquired: Electronic Super Joy 2

Electronic Super Joy 2, from Michael Todd Games is a follow-up to Electronic Super Joy and its mini-sequel Electronic Super Joy: Groove City. It features precision platforming set in a stylish world of neon, missiles, cursing, and golden buttocks, as you complete platforming challenges, first person shooter sequences, and a handful of extended boss encounters. The game sees you running left to right, ascending vertical shafts, completing auto-scrolling sequences, and even tossing your mother through laser beams, with even the slightest mistake leading to death. You're aided by powerups that include multiple midair jumps, a sword that lets you dash through the sky, a butt stomp, and an explosive jump... but each powerup only lasts until the end of the level.

The game is available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam. Check our coverage here.

August 17, 2019

Vigil: The Longest Night

Vigil: The Longest Night, from Glass Heart Games, is a stylish medieval actioner set in a dark world filled with grotesque monstrosities and inspired by Castlevania, Salt and Sanctuary, and Bloodborne. You take on the role of Leila, a member of the Vigil, who returns home to search for her sister. As she explores the nearby villages, forests, and caves, she discovers that things have taken a twisted turn, and the sun no longer rises here. Leila is able to use several weapon types, including a sword, daggers, and a bow and arrows, and the game employs a skill tree, allowing Leila to level up and learn new abilities to aid her in combat. The game's creature designs are particularly notable, featuring the loping undead, strange and menacing beasts, impossible skeletal constructions, and masses of pulsating flesh.

The game is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch in 2020.

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August 13, 2019

New Blip: MindSeize

MindSeize, from Kamina Dimension, is a sci-fi action-adventure that pits you against a mysterious organization called The Ascended, which is capable of stealing people's minds. You take on the role of a private investigator whose daughter was a victim of this organization, so you put together a crew, connect your mind to a highly-maneuverable robot body, and travel from planet to planet on a quest to take them down. The game allows you to equip a pair of weapons, mix and match melee and projectile weapons to suit your playstyle, and earn new movement abilities that allow you to explore large environments and take down enemies and hulking robotic bosses.

The game is coming to PC later this year. An alpha demo is available on Steam, Itch, or Game Jolt.

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August 10, 2019

Target Acquired: Grelox

Grelox, from Sunteam, is a game that takes its inspirations from Zillion on the Master System, and the developer has even gone so far as to limit the color palette to that of Sega's famed 8-bit console... although the graphical fidelity is more in line with a 16-bit game. You take on the role of a woman named Grelox who is out hunting a crime boss on a distant planet. In order to explore the environment, Grelox must access various computer terminals and disable them, which in turn opens locked doors. The game takes place in across seven themed areas in a nonlinear world made up of interconnected single screen environments.

The game is now available on PC for free via the developer's website. Check our coverage here.

August 8, 2019

New Blip: Unsighted

Unsighted, from Studio Pixel Punk, is a cyberpunk action-adventure set in a world that was once filled with a great population of androids. But now their energy source is nearly depleted, threatening the continuation of consciousness for those few androids who remain. Now, a once great city is overgrown and stands on the brink of ruin and machines have become corrupted, causing them to turn against you. You must solve puzzles, overcome environmental challenges, and defeat enemies in a nonlinear world. Along the way, you can equip numerous melee and ranged weapons, level up to increase your strength, and learn new abilities that allow you to explore further. The game features sexy pixel art and some lovely environmental effects.

The game is coming to PC in 2020.

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