New Release: Silver Grapple

A hardcore grapple-based actioner, from Jamie Rollo

New Release: Nidhogg II

A fast-paced melee combat game set in a grotesque world, from Meshoff Bitner

New Release: Songbringer

A Zelda-inspired procedural sci-fi action adventure, from Wizard Fu

New Release: Greedy Guns

A colorful open world shooter, from Tio Atum

New Release: The Royal Cosmonautical Society

A gravity-based spaceship game with its own take on the genre, from Chromosphere Games

October 23, 2017

News: Radio the Universe Gets Sexier

Radio the Universe, from developer 6e6e6e, is an isometric action adventure offering a large open environment with interconnected areas, secrets, and shortcuts. In this melancholy industrial world, the player must contend with deadly traps and combat mechanized monstrosities, but he can get a leg up on enemies by upgrading his weapons and abilities. Mobile players can dash, dodge, and jump to avoid enemy projectiles and traps, and use these skills to advance on enemies during lulls in their attacks, and they can absorb some damage by using a shield with the proper timing. The tone of the game is further set by hand-drawn interstitial cutscenes, and as the developer warns: "Players who die in-game die in real life."

The developers have released an uncut 15-minute video of the game, showing off visuals that have increased notably in sexiness since the Kickstarter campaign launched some five years gone:

October 22, 2017

Target Acquired: Greedy Guns

Greedy Guns, from developer Tio Atum, is an action platformer inspired by fast-paced high action games such as Gunstar Heroes and Contra, combined with Metroidvania exploration elements. Players may go alone or team up with another player in 2P co-op to blast away baddies on alien planets. Players are able to move and aim independently with full 360 degree control of their shooting, allowing for shooting while dodging, fast strafing, and the tried-and-true method of running away and screaming while shooting at the bad guys running up behind you. Explosions? Check. Double jump? Check. Enemies bursting into piles of spinning gold coins when they are destroyed? Checkaroonie.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam. Check our coverage here.

October 20, 2017

Target Acquired: In the Shadows

In the Shadows, from ColorSpace Studio, is an action-puzzler where the player uses light to combat shadow creatures... and to use them in puzzle solutions. It turns out that a number of objects transform into creatures in the evening, but the player is able to transform them back by exposing them to light. This generally involves pushing lighted boxes toward shadow creatures, at which point they may become doors, ladders, or other objects that the player may use in order to press forward.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG. The game is also planned for PS4 and Xbox One.

October 17, 2017

Target Acquired: Songbringer

Songbringer is a sci-fi action-RPG from Wizard Fu Games, which offers a procedurally-generated overworld and ten dungeons packed with chunky pixel art and heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda. The game may be played alone or with a friend in 2P co-op, as players explore the landscape in search of more powerful items and weaponry, as well as abilities that allow them to reach new areas. Players gain access to melee and projectile-based weapons as they take on varied foes, enemy swarms, and huge bosses. Dungeons require the player to solve puzzles to see his way through, with some even removing the player's sword until the dungeon is completed.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, Humble Bundle, and GOG, Xbox One via Microsoft Store, and PS4 via PSN. Check our coverage here.

October 11, 2017

News: All 4 Episodes of Tiny Barbarian DX Now Available

The first episode of Tiny Barbarian DX, from StarQuail Games, was first released in 2013, followed by the second episode in 2014, but fans of the miniscule Conan-inspired warrior have had to wait a long time for the final two episodes, which have just been released. If you already bought the game on Steam, these episodes are available as a free update. Coinciding with this update is the just-released Switch version of the game, which may be downloaded via the eShop, or purchased in physical form. The physical version also includes an instruction manual, keychain, and pouch (pictured below).

For a full rundown of the first two episodes, check our coverage here, which we will update with the third and fourth episodes once we finish them.