New Release: Courier of the Crypts

A puzzle-based adventure with a focus on light and darkness, from Emberheart Games

New Release: Gato Roboto

A charming metroidvania starring an adorable kitty in a mech suit, from Doinksoft

New Release: Killer Chambers

A projectile avoidance platformer set in extremely confined spaces, from Village Bench

New Release: Steel Sword Story

A sidescrolling actioner set in a dark fantasy world, from 8bits Fanatics

New Release: Shakedown Hawaii

An open-world actioner with colorful SNES-style visuals, from VBlank Entertainment

June 23, 2019

Target Acquired: Steel Sword Story

8bits Fanatics is the studio behind Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes - which you may know from its updated version, 1001 Spikes - and the samurai-meets-US-president zombie slayer The Tempura of the Dead. And now they've teamed up with Kadokawa Corporation and Playism to deliver more ninja action with Steel Sword Story. This time you're plying your ninja skills in a dark fantasy world while fighting enemies, performing platforming feats, and taking down bosses. Use your sword to slash enemies and your magical powers to toss fireballs while exploring the environment for treasures to increase your stats.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.

June 21, 2019

Target Acquired: 198X

198X, from Hi-Bit Studios (game site), is a coming-of-age tale set in the 1980's and tied to the arcade games of that era. You take on the role of a teenager who finds herself drawn to the pixellated glory of arcade games but discovers the line blurring between gaming and reality. 198X actually includes five separate arcade-style games, each in a different genre, including a beat 'em up, a shmup, a racing game, a ninja actioner, and an RPG, and each of these games is realized with stunning pixel art.

The game is now available for PC via Steam and GOG, and is also planned for release on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

June 20, 2019

Proximity Alert: ScourgeBringer

ScourgeBringer is the latest from Neurovoider developer Flying Oak Games. You take on the role of a plucky badass named Kyhra as she hops and slashes her way through a sidescrolling roguelike world. Combat is fast and fluid, allowing Kyhra to move quickly from enemy to enemy to dispatch them with speedy swordery, intermixed with serious platforming skills that allow her wall jump, run up walls, and perform dashing downward strikes. Between bouts of bashing baddies and bosses, you delve into the depths to discover mysterious machinery... and maybe save the world. The game also features a cool sounds by Joonas Turner (Downwell, Nuclear Throne).

The game is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux with an announced release date of "soon".

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June 18, 2019

New Blip: Dawnthorn

Dawnthorn, from Aloft Studio, is an 8-bit-style action adventure inspired by the likes of The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening, and the Startropics games, and it's a standalone prequel to Aloft's other Zelda-style game: Hazelnut Bastille. The game is built in the same engine but using the NES style to simulate the way the story would have been presented if it had arrived on the prior console generation, but the games are joined by some of the same enemies and items. You explore themed areas across the overworld and enter challenging dungeons, using magical abilities to aid in your traversal and to contend with enemies in creative fashion. At your disposal are a sword and shield, along with a variety of projectile weapons to help you deal with baddies and bosses along the way.

The game is planned for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime later this year, with possible console releases to follow.

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June 16, 2019

Target Acquired: Killer Chambers

Killer Chambers, from Village Bench, is a game that combines action and memorization, dropping players into confined spaces where they must dodge a variety of projectiles. With limited room to maneuver, players must pay attention to cues indicating when arrows are about to fire, get the rhythm right to dodge them in time, and commit certain patterns to memory. Players may opt to simply move from one room to the next, or dive back in to face tougher projectile patterns, thereby earning currency that allows them to purchase support items or hats with added abilities, such as absorbing a hit of damage or sticking to the ceiling when jumping. Die too many times, and players must face a cursed room before they can move on, and each of the five areas features a boss encounter that changes up the gameplay.

The game is now available for PC and Linux via Steam. Check our coverage here.