New Release: Courier of the Crypts

A puzzle-based adventure with a focus on light and darkness, from Emberheart Games

New Release: Gato Roboto

A charming metroidvania starring an adorable kitty in a mech suit, from Doinksoft

New Release: Killer Chambers

A projectile avoidance platformer set in extremely confined spaces, from Village Bench

New Release: Steel Sword Story

A sidescrolling actioner set in a dark fantasy world, from 8bits Fanatics

New Release: Shakedown Hawaii

An open-world actioner with colorful SNES-style visuals, from VBlank Entertainment

July 9, 2019

Proximity Alert: Atma

In Atma, from the self-titled Team Atma, you take on the role of Shaya, a woman who is capable of communicating with the spirit world. Shaya mourns her lost love, Atma, who died but failed to move onto the next realm. Atma instead lies in torment, attempting to reach out to Shaya in hopes that she can return him to the world of the living. To help him, Shaya must speak to Atma's relatives, enter their minds, and steal their memories of him. As the player, you must choose whether you're willing to defy the laws of nature to bring Atma back as you travel through a lush colorful world, fighting enemies, delving into dungeons, solving puzzles, and taking on terrifying monsters.

The game will be released tomorrow (July 10) for PC via Steam.

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July 2, 2019

Proximity Alert: Grelox

Grelox, from Sunteam, is a game that takes its inspirations from Zillion on the Master System, and the developer has even gone so far as to limit the color pallette to that of Sega's famed 8-bit console... although the graphical fidelity is more in line with a 16-bit game. You take on the role of a woman named Grelox who is out hunting a crime boss on a distant planet. In order to explore the environment, Grelox must access various computer terminals and disable them, which in turn opens locked doors. The game takes place in across seven themed areas in a nonlinear world made up of single screen environments.

The game is nearing the end of development as is planned as a free release for PC soon.

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