August 18, 2015

Signal Lost: Sigma Xcidkrd

Sigma Xcidkrd has dropped off the 2D RADAR, which is a bit of a shame given that it promised the same sort of precision platforming as Dustforce. We were only able to track down a single thread on the game, which includes a link to a playable demo, but there haven't been any updates since 2013.

Sigma Xcidkrd | PC and Mac | Release Date TBD
Developer John Bishop launches the latest volley in the battle against pronounceable titles with Sigma Xcidkrd, a highly technical platformer. John spent a lot of time creating custom maps for another technical platformer, Dustforce, and eventually decided that he’d like to make a game of his own. Like Dustforce, the game requires precision platforming, combined with double jumping, wall jumping, wall sliding, and sliding down angled surfaces, but you’ll also be dodging loads of projectiles and even using them to your advantage by riding them through the level. Spiked walls, floors, and ceilings line the environments as well, and some levels have enemies that pursue you relentlessly, requiring some well-timed pixel perfect maneuvering and deft button presses.

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  1. Hey, buddy! I'm still ticking away on this whenever I can find the time outside of work. I might try to upload another video showing some of the stuff I've been working on. I appreciate the interest! :D

    1. Good to hear. Let us know when you have any new updates!