October 21, 2015

News: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Demo Expanded to 4 Levels

Following the release of the original 3-level demo for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, WayForward released an update showcasing a fourth area, which appears to take place in Scuttle Town. Here, a pirate ship moves through the background, firing shells into the foreground. Rather than standard cannon fire, however, these shells are packed with shadow pirates (a.k.a. Tinkerbats).

Six red-hooded creatures pop out of a door on top of the “cannonball” and begin patrolling the environment, and Shantae can whip them into oblivion with her hair. Oddly, the shell itself causes damage when touched, so she must also destroy it before she can move forward.

As Shantae runs through the level, the pirate ship continues to fire, sending projectiles into towers in the background, which break and fall down into the water. Shantae deals with wooden platforms that drop out beneath her feet and send her into the water, as well as a couple of instances where she needs to whip a crate in order to reach a higher ledge, but otherwise the platforming here is fairly straightforward.

Much of the focus is on fighting a continuous supply of shadow pirates that crash down from above, and jump onto your plane from fast moving boats that pull up alongside you.

Check our full coverage of the 4-level demo here, and be sure to check out the trailer below, which shows off areas not available in the demo. The demo is on the game's Kickstarter page and is available to those individuals who backed the Early Access tier.


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