November 14, 2015

Early Arrival: The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher is an arcade-style shooter from Awfully Nice Studios, inspired by the classic Super Pang (a.k.a. Super Buster Bros.) where players run around and pop bouncing bubbles that split into smaller bubbles when destroyed. In The Bug Butcher, the bubbles are now represented by slimy bulbous bug creatures. As in the game that inspired it, the hero can only shoot upward, requiring that players use the proper tactics to avoid enemies as they bounce off the ground, and then move quickly under them to blast them away. The player has a number of destructive powerups at his disposal to supplement his basic pellet-chucker, with a strong laser, a rapid fire bullet spray, explosives, and an electrical pulse with a wide area of effect.

The Bug Butcher is currently available for PC and Mac via Steam Early Access, and it's coming to Android and iOS.

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