December 29, 2015

Signal Lost: Everworld Island

Everworld Island has dropped off the 2D RADAR. The game's Steam Greenlight page has a planned release date of 2014, and points to a website that no longer exists (the domain redirects to a site advertising "facial massagers"), and the developer's Twitter hasn't been updated in over a year. Here's what we originally had to say about the game:

Everworld Island | PC via Steam | Release Date TBD
Nijumi Games invites you to experience Everworld Island, a place of pastoral platforming and coin collection. The game may be enjoyed as a single player experience, with up to four players in local or online co-op. You can also create and share your own levels to play with friends or on your own, and you are able to purchase new objects to place in your levels by collecting coins in the main game. There are multiple character classes, each with its own set of abilities, so it benefits you to go in with a diverse party in the multiplayer mode. For instance, the wizard can use spells, the diver can swim, and the mechanic can fix broken objects.

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