March 19, 2016

Target Acquired: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

Developer Renegade Kid, the studio behind Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter, returns with a revisit to their Mutant Mudds universe in Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. The game features the same layer-hopping gameplay as its progenitor, but with a significantly higher challenge. Make no mistake, this game is designed for expert players, so before you consider diving into this one, you should probably have a go at the original Mutant Mudds first. The game features 40 challenging levels and some tough boss encounters, as well as a number of familiar mud-based foes across a handful of newly-crafted worlds.

The game is available for Wii U and 3DS via the eShop. As with the original game, the 3DS version makes use of its 3D capabilities to emphasize the visual effects when jumping between layers.


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