April 9, 2016

Signal Lost: Six Miles Under

Six Miles Under seems to be permanently buried. The developer's website no longer exists and neither does the devlog. The Steam Greenlight page shows a planned release date of Q2 2015 with no updates since 2014, and the developer's social media sites have been quiet since the same time. There was a Kickstarter in 2014 but it was cancelled. Here's what we originally had to say about the game:

Six Miles Under | PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam
Six Miles Under, in development by Looney Bin Studios, is a post-apocalyptic brawler that invokes the spirit of Shank, with big action, stylish combos, sprays of blood, and the occasional bit of gunfire. The game is set in an underground city after a nuclear war wiped out everyone on the surface. The game and stars Preston Trencher, who is seeking revenge after he is shot and left for dead. Trencher must punch, slice, and shoot his way through a dark world while evading attacks, stringing together combos, and taking down bosses. Trencher and his enemies are presented in silhouette, adding to the noir style, but also playing with visibility as characters blend into unlit backgrounds.


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