May 8, 2016

Target Acquired: Moon Hunters

Kitfox Games presents Moon Hunters, an action-RPG that moves between fast-paced combat and slow-paced NPC interactions. Your adventures will push you into the boundaries of the known world to discover new territory and new landmarks in a randomly-generated environment. Your actions in the world and interactions with NPC’s will determine how you are remembered, and your character’s legend carries over from one play session to the next. Sessions are designed to last less than an hour, but repeated play reveals more about the game world and allows the player to establish himself within the various tribes’ belief systems and mythologies. Character classes include melee- and magic-based fighters with upgradeable stats, or a mixture of both as the game supports 4P co-op.

Moon Hunters is now available for PC via Steam, GOG, and, with Mac and Linux versions due later, and ports planned for PS4 and Vita. Check our full coverage here.


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