November 10, 2016

New Blip: Fox n Forests

It seems that the season-changing fox-based platformer genre is starting to get a bit crowded, what with this and the long-in-development Seasons After Fall. Developer Bonus Level Entertainment (game tweets) presents Fox n Forests, a game inspired by the colorful platformers of the 16-bit era. You play the role of a fox as he travels through various environments (including forests) on a quest to uncover the legendary 5th season. Along the way, the fox controls the existing four seasons, allowing winter to give spring and summer a miss and go straight on into autumn, and changing the world around him. For instance, the impassable waterways of summer may be safely passed by changing the season to winter and freezing them over. The fox uses a short-range sword and various projectile attacks to take down pixellated foes as he hops across platforms, slides down ziplines, and collects coins, as well as facing off against the occasional screen-filling boss.

The game is planned for release on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, XB1, and Switch at an as yet undetermined date.

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