August 15, 2017

New Blip: Bomb Chicken

Bomb Chicken, from Nitrome is a puzzle platformer about... well, a chicken with a bunch of bombs. Basically, the chicken has to resolve every situation she encounters with one or more bombs. She can drop stacks of bombs to prop himself up and reach high platforms (at least until the stack explodes), she can kick bombs into enemies to kill them, bounce bombs off walls, and kick bombs into switches to open doors and discover hidden areas, and generally just blow everything right the hell up with a barrage of nonstop explosions. Gameplay is changed up as enemies charge toward the chicken, conveyor belts pull bombs along the floor, bomb stacks propel the chicken into the air, and certain enemies can only be destroyed from a certain direction.

The game is coming to PC and Mac via Steam, but does not yet have an announced release date.

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