January 14, 2018

Target Acquired: Heads Run

Heads Run, from kass-stwa, is a follow-up and refinement of the developer's previous release, Porter, starring a fast-moving protagonist who is just a head that bops along the ground. The original game had 20 bite-sized levels that were built around moving as quickly as possible while dodging deadly obstacles. The new game offers 50 entirely new levels with several of the level elements from the previous game, along with some new ones, and numerous terrifying creatures that chase you through certain levels. Levels are built to be completed in a matter of seconds, and you can dash, wall jump, and (occasionally) double jump your way to victory... or to certain death in many cases. The game is presented in "greenscale" with a CRT effect, and there are lots of graphical improvements over the previous game as well.

Porter is still available on Itch.io as a pay-what-you-want title, and it's well worth checking out. Heads Run is available on PC via Steam and Itch.io. There's a slight delay in the Mac version due to a bug, but it's expected soon. Check our coverage here.


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