May 22, 2018

Target Acquired: Captain Forever Trilogy

Captain Forever Trilogy, from Farbs, is a collection of three games: Captain Forever, Captain Successor, and Captain Impostor. The original award-winning browser-based game has been remastered with a new engine, as have the later releases, allowing for faster and smoother gameplay. The game also has new ship design options, new audio, and a rewritten story from novelist Cassandra Khaw. The games let you fly around space blasting spaceships and attaching their assorted bit to your own ship, complete with physics simulation that impacts your ability to fly, forcing you to take your bulk into consideration. Of course, you can add on a bunch of weapons as well, but you also lose parts when you are blasted, forcing you to beat a hasty retreat to reconfigure your ship with the pieces that remain.

The game is now available for PC via Steam.


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