October 14, 2018

Target Acquired: To Leave

To Leave, from Freaky Creations, is a game that takes place in a psychedelic fantasy world with a guy clinging to a flying door as it makes its way through strange environments. It is also a game about mental illness. The lead character is named Harm, a manic-depressive young man whose girlfriend recently committed suicide. Harm spends much of his time writing in his journal, in which he details "The Plan" that will eventually result in his death, along with that of many others. But he can only write for so long before the nausea overtakes him, and he has been saving up his drugs - prescribed and otherwise - to enter another world through a glowing blue door in his room. In this world, he flies around dodging obstacles and collecting souls, while dealing with metaphorical representations of elements from his life. At the end of each level, he allows a Harvesting Temple to draw the collected souls from his body, leaving him a spent husk as he passes through the magical door and returns to his dilapidated room where collapses onto a mattress on the floor.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, and PS4 via PSN, and it is also planned for release on Vita. Check our coverage here.


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