April 1, 2019

Arrival Delayed: Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever, from Team Meat, has been delayed beyond its intended April 2019 release window. Tommy Refenes made this statement in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun (which was apparently a totally real conversation and not some made up April Fools garbage):
"Oh yeah, I think it’s in a good place. We were originally going to hit April, but we’re not going to hit April, so now we’re going to say after April, because I don’t want to say May and then have to go ‘Oh, I didn’t hit May.’ The next thing we’ll announce is the day you can actually buy it, rather than ‘around here’ because that’s really a lot of pressure to be like, ‘Oh crap, now I’ve got to tell everybody.’ I’m glad I don’t have Kickstarter backers or have taken money from anyone because oh man, that would be terrible."
The game is a sequel to Super Meat Boy, and once again features Meat Boy and Bandage Girl... only this time, they have a child named Nugget, and Nugget has been kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. So, the duo splat into action and try to rescue their sweet baby. This time around, instead of venturing through pre-made levels, the game world regenerates itself dynamically into harder and harder versions of itself, but built out of pre-made chunks to avoid sending the player into a hell of random objects. Also, instead of just being able to jump, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl can now punch their enemies in the face, and perform a jump attack, dive, and slide to deal with enemies and navigate quickly around saw blades and other obstacles.

Super Meat Boy Forever is planned for release on PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.


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