January 21, 2020

Proximity Alert: Kunai

Kunai, from TurtleBlaze, is a ninja-based metroidvania starring a character that's sure to get the game featured on Tiny Cartridge. You play as a robot ninja (inhabited by the soul of an ancient warrior, as these things happen) on a quest to destroy an artificial intelligence that has brought humanity to the brink of destruction. Action remains fast and furious as you slice up bad robots - and meet good ones - across cities, deserts, and airships. As you play, you unlock new weapons and abilities, including a katana that lets you kill enemies, slice bullets out of the air, and deflect missiles, along with a kunai-driven grappling hook that lets you swing around and cling to the ceiling, and twin Uzis that let you mow down rampaging androids and other no-good machines.

The game is coming to PC and Switch on February 6.

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