February 3, 2020

Target Acquired: Rocketron

Rocketron is the latest from Astro Port, the developer behind mech-based actioners Gigantic Army and Steel Strider. But this time, rather than tromping around in a giant mech suit, you take on the role of a cyberhuman named B.L.A.M. (which is the name I'm planning to give to my first three children) as he explores a metroidvania landscape spread across six themed areas. B.L.A.M. starts the game with a basic rifle, but quickly earns a machine gun and a shotgun, followed by homing shuriken, rockets, and more, and each of these weapons may be swapped at will and upgraded to six increasingly powerful levels. However, if the player takes too much damage, he loses access to his equipped weapon temporarily, so the player must weigh the risk of using his favorite weapon during the tougher segments. There are loads of popcorn enemies, interspersed with a few heavier bots, and numerous hulking bosses.

The game will be available on PC via Steam this Friday (February 7). Check our coverage here.


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