April 19, 2020

Target Acquired: Shadow Gangs

Shadow Gangs, from JKM Corp (game tweets) is an arcade-style ninja action game heavily inspired by the Shinobi series, while stepping things up visually by offering detailed and vivid character art. You take on the role of a martial artist named Dan whose family has been kidnapped by the nefarious Shadow Gangs, so you take to the streets to beat their asses one at a time. By default, you toss shuriken - which are in infinite supply - and you can kick enemies when they get in close. However, by grabbing an "N" powerup icon, you transform into the Crimson Ninja, slashing enemies with a sword and blasting them with an Uzi. You begin on the mean streets of New York, but your travels take you to multiple locales, including wooded areas, caves, deserts, bamboo forests in Japan, and a robot factory. But the journey is not easy... modeled after arcade quarter-munchers, the difficulty level is high and death awaits you at every turn, so you'll need to hone your ninja skills in order to experience the later levels.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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