February 22, 2021

New Blip: Ancient Abyss

Ancient Abyss, from Screambox Studio, is a Zelda-like roguelike hack-and-slash(-like) where you descend into... well an ancient abyss presumably. As you explore a procedurally-generated labyrinth, you gain strength and gather items to help you descend further, per genre conventions. You take on the role of a ponytailed lass who explores a dangerous world by running, rolling, and swimming her way through overgrown environments and ancient contraptions, while learning new skills that allow her to reach hidden areas and previously inaccessible treasures. Along the way, she engages in combat with enemies and bosses using a variety of weapons, including swords, hammers, firearms, throwable bombs, and even her fists.

The game is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access.

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