October 13, 2021

Target Acquired: GB Rober

GB Rober is an anti-capitalist action-platformer inspired by the Mega Man series, from Eric Merz and his Mokkograd label, the developer behind Splinter Zone. You take on the role of a robot who is fed up with being exploited for the upper class, and so he takes his fight to the landlords, each of which acts as a boss encounter. Like the Mega Man series, defeating each of these bosses unlocks their special weapon, which may be turned against other bosses or used against regular enemies. What really sets the game apart is its "critical mode" which increases damage output when you're almost dead, and "hyper mode" which also increases damage output and allows you to restore some health based on how many enemies you kill, creating some high risk / high speed explosive action in a chunky low-rez world.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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