June 3, 2022

Target Acquired: Souldiers

Souldiers, from Retro Forge Games, is a retro-style action-adventure set in a colorful fantasy world. You play as one of a trio of characters who suddenly find themselves transported from a battlefield in their own world to a place called Terragaya. Terragaya is a land that seems to sit at the border of the afterlife, offering a chance for these warriors to revive their fallen comrades. Each of the three playable characters has different abilities, with an archer who can strike quickly from a distance, a scout who attacks with a sword, and a caster who uses magic to strike enemies at close and medium range. Players explore a large interconnected world populated by a variety of detailed enemies and boss creatures while platforming, solving environmental puzzles, searching for artifacts, and upgrading their abilities along an expansive skill tree to increase their effectiveness in combat.

The game is now available for PC via Steam, Epic, and GOG, Switch via eShop, PS4 and PS5 via PSN, and Xbox One and X/S via Microsoft Store.


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