January 4, 2023

New Blip: Earthblade

Earthblade is the latest from Extremely OK Games, the studio behind TowerFall and a little precision platformer you may have heard of called Celeste. So what do you do after creating one of the decade's most lauded indie gems? You go on to create an open world actioner set on Earth. But Earth has changed a bit from what you may remember from... well, earlier today. The planet has fallen to ruin and is now filled with poisoned water and rampaging beasts. You take on the role of Névoa, a child of Fate who explores the planet - and combats its monsters - in hopes of learning what happened to the world she once called home. Perform platforming feats, explore vast environments, slash enemies with your trusty blade, and speak with Earth's remaining inhabitants to reveal the planet's hidden past.

The game is headed to PC, but you've got a while to wait, since it isn't slated for release until 2024.

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