May 24, 2023

Target Acquired: Shinobi non Grata

Sometimes the title of a game just jumps right up and bops you in the moon unit, and one such game is Shinobi non Grata, from Studio Pico and Esquadra. Matching that outlandish title is an equally dweezil-popping actioner with about eleventeen colors and larger-than-average sprites for such a retro-looking game. It's Japan, it's 1838, and a bunch of bad guys just made friends with some demons so they can rise to power. But a lone demon-killing shinobi stands against them... Kaina uses his murasame sword to slice through his enemies, tosses shuriken and bombs, swings a kusarigama, and makes use of a number of magical abilities, such as firing electrical bolts or creating shadow versions of himself. Fight your way through loads of baddies, traverse dangerous environments, and defeat giant demon bosses.

The game is now available for PC via Steam, and there are physical Switch and PS4 versions available to preorder via Stricty Limited Games.


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