August 19, 2023

New Blip: Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn

Shadow of the Ninja was a great 2P co-op ninja game developed by Natsume and released for NES in 1990. If you don't happen to have a copy lying around, you can give it a try via Nintendo Switch Online and see for yourself. Now, ININ Games and NatsumeAtari's Tengo Project are revisiting this classic with a brand new take entitled Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn... just like they did with The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors and Pocky & Rocky Reshrined. The game features enhanced visuals by Dynamic Production and a soundtrack by Iku Mizutani, who also composed the original game soundtrack, along with the soundtrack for Shatterhand. As in the original game, you take on the role of either Hayate or Kaede, both from the ancient Ryuuha Shippu shinobi clan, as they infiltrate a seemingly impenetrable fortress. Using their katana, shuriken, kusarigama, and ninja magic, they battle their way through a colorful world filled with baddies and bosses before facing off against an evil emperor.

The game is coming to PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox X/S in Spring of 2024.

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