August 15, 2015

Target Acquired: Dorke & Ymp

And now for a bit of history… In the early 1990’s a Swedish developer called Norse was working on a game called Dorke and Ymp (also known as Dorque & Imp). However, the studio was unable to find a publisher to pick up the game, and it the project was cancelled. Piko Interactive secured the incomplete source code from one of the developers and has been working to pull together all of the game’s assets into a fully functional game for release on the SNES… about 20 years late. Sadly, Jim Studt (also known as Satrio), who created the game’s story, characters, and graphics, did not live to see the completion of his project, as he passed away in April of 2014 at the age of 42. The game is a platformer starring a green fellow named Dorke and his flying devilish pal as they navigate a hellish underground environment and seek out treasure chests full of cupcakes and other treats. The imp is able to toss bouncing projectiles at enemies and use bombs to blow up obstructing walls, and he can also grab Dorke's shoulders to fly him short distances.

Dorke & Ymp was just released for the SNES and is available for purchase via the developer's online store.


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