January 1, 2016

Target Acquired: The Curse of Issyos

The Curse of Issyos, from Locomalito (developer of Maldita Castilla and Hydorah), stars a fisherman named Defkalion who is called upon by the goddess Athena to rescue the island of Issyos from the curse of Olympus. The fisherman and former soldier returns to the island, fearing for the life of his daughter, and he must fight his way through a number of Harryhausen-inspired creatures, as well as some of the greatest creatures of Greek myth, including Polyhemus, Medusa, Scylla, and Cerberus.

Players begin the game with a sword, but can find a longer-range spear, a bow and arrows, and a set of armor to aid them in their quest, along with some hidden treasures from Athena. The game is short, but the difficulty ramps up steadily, and players have a limited number of lives and continues with which to beat the game, requiring that they make a successful run from start to finish. In addition, seeking out hidden keys opens up a secret area, the completion of which leads to a new weapon and an alternate ending.

The game is available for PC, and like all of Locomalito's games, it was released for free via the game's official website. The website also includes a nice PDF instruction manual. For more details, check our full coverage here.


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