March 10, 2016

News: Jotun Coming to Consoles

Jotun, from Thunder Lotus Games (game site), is venturing forth from Steam and headed to your console of choice. The developers have announced that the game will arrive on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U this summer, and will come as a free update to owners of the original game. The updated version of the game is entitled Jotun: Valhalla Edition and will include a boss rush mode featuring tougher versions of the game's towering foes.

The game stars Thora, a Viking who has died an ignoble death and finds herself in purgatory. There, she must prove herself to the gods by fighting gigantic elemental beasts known as jotun, with the hopes that her victory will prove her worth and allow her to pass into Valhalla. The scale of each jotun is immense in the same way as Shadow of Colossus, with towering enemies that can smash the life out of you, but instead of a 3D environment and colossi, this is a top-down action adventure with hand-drawn animations. Fortunately, your relatively small size allows you to dodge their attacks and use your hefty 2-handed axe to move in and strike quickly, slowly whittling down the monsters’ long life bars.

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