May 1, 2016

Target Acquired: Saving Princess

Saving Princess, from BRAINOS, is a bite-sized nonlinear action platformer, inspired by Metroid and Mega Man. The game is light on story, featuring one Portia Crane, an Asset Recovery Specialist on a mission stated only as: IF THEY GET PRINCESS, THE WAR IS LOST. IT'S UP TO YOU. Portia is tasked with working her way through a space station and taking down bounty hunters who are on a similar mission, and she must overcome a number of mechanical monstrosities along the way. Rather than earning new abilities, Portia gains access to new areas by powering up her weapon and earning elemental-themed enhancements, allowing her to do things like freeze enemies and melt ice spikes. And, since her weapon also acts as her midair jump, adding to its capacity allows her to cross larger gaps to reach new areas and out-of-the-way upgrades.

Saving Princess is available for PC via (which includes a demo) and Android via Google Play, and an iOS version is in the works. Check our full coverage here.


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