October 23, 2016

Target Acquired: Salmon Ninja

Salmon Ninja, from Krax Games, is a grapple-based precision platformer starring a ninja who has entered the afterlife. Due to a bit of confusion, the ninja wanders away from the bright glowing light and finds himself on a path to Hell and trying to find a way back home for himself and his salmon companion. Despite its lighthearted tone, this is a game that is designed to kill players quickly and frequently, taking cues from numerous insta-death/insta-restart precision platformers. In addition to running and jumping, the ninja can slice enemies with his katana and can zip to any solid surface with his trusty grapple chain... but there is little room for error, as environments are packed with spikes, spinning saw blades, lava, and pits of acid.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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