March 7, 2017

Signal Lost: Cloudface

So, the cutesy illustrated Cloudface is no longer in development. The site still exists, but recently the developer published a blog post called Is Cloudface Ded? which explained the details. We have a link to the article ( but now the article is ded too, as it seems to have been removed from the site. It was something about how there wasn't much of an actual game there... It's hard to remember. Besides that one vanishing article, the website has received no updates in more than a year.

Here's what we originally had to say about the game:
Cloudface () is a platformer that focuses strongly on its lighthearted aesthetics, featuring animations by Corey McDaniel, programming by Craig Johnston, and music by Calum Bowen. The game stars a cloud businessman who is searching across various pastoral landscapes for his lost documents while avoiding enemies like roly-poly pink cats. Jumps are high and floaty, and – being a cloud – our hero can also sustain long jumps to reach distant platforms for out-of-the-way documents. Animations for the hero are goofy and over exaggerated, giving him quite a bit of character, and this is further supported by colorful and cheerful hand-drawn backgrounds, loads of cute little creatures, and a charming upbeat soundtrack.


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