May 7, 2017

Target Acquired: Blaster Master Zero

Inti Creates, the developer behind Azure Striker Gunvolt and the bulk of the latter-day Mega Man games, has created a remake/reboot of the NES classic Blaster Master. Blaster Master Zero is an 8-bit-style experience with retro 2D visuals but with some modern hardware improvements. The game features a number of areas from the original Blaster Master, but also adds several new areas and bosses, as well as new weapon types. The player once again assumes the role of Jason Frudnick, star of the original game (although the name "Frudnick" only appeared in the Worlds of Power Blaster Master novella), and once again features Jason chasing Fred and falling into a subterranean world where he finds SOPHIA 3rd conveniently parked nearby. In some added backstory, it appears that humanity once inhabited the underworld after the planet entered an ice age... during which time a strange comet struck Earth, and the story picks up hundreds of years later.

Blaster Master Zero is now available for Switch and 3DS via eShop, which now includes a downloadable demo. Check our coverage here.

The studio also released a Version 1.2 update that adds a Hard mode (the main game is kinda easy), as well as DLC playable characters in the form of Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt (available now), and Ekoro from Gal*Gun (coming next month). These characters are free for a limited time and will later become paid downloads.


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