June 22, 2017

New Blip: Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, from Team Saber Rider, is based on a short-lived anime television series from the late 80's, and the visuals hold to that 80's anime style. If you want to get caught up on what all of that means, get ye to YouTube and check out an episode or two. The game features the series' four main heroes as playable characters, along with their vehicles, and a transforming spaceship that turns into the Cowboy Mech Ramrod. Players fight across 12 levels that mix on-foot run and gun action with vehicle-based horizontal shmup sequences.

The game is headed to PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam this summer, and is also planned for release on 3DS and Dreamcast... because apparently we're just going to be making games for the Dreamcast for all time and it will outlive us all. There's even a Dreamcast 2-disc limited edition. A single-level demo is available on the developer's website, and the demo even runs on Dreamcast!

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