November 19, 2017

Target Acquired: Necrosphere

Necrosphere, from Cat Nigiri is a 2-button platformer/metroidvania featuring Agent Terry Cooper who is killed during an ambush and finds himself in a place known as the Necrosphere. With an eternity on his hands, Agent Cooper decides to use his time in search of an exit so that he can return to the Normalsphere. Unfortunately, the poor guy is unable to jump, which makes the platforming environments particularly challenging, but fortunately for him, a number of strategically placed bubbles help him to clear gaps and avoid spikes and other dangers. Early in his adventure, Agent Cooper discovers a pink leotard that allows him to dash across gaps, and he earns a couple of other powerups along the way that let him reach new areas. Several warps return him to the entry point of the Necrosphere, and he uses his abilities to reach new areas, with the platforming sequences becoming increasingly challenging as he goes.

The game is now available for PC and Mac via Steam,, and Game Jolt, and is also planned for release on PS4, Vita, and Xbox One later this year, and iOS and Android platforms at a later date. Check our coverage here.


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