December 3, 2017

Target Acquired: 99Vidas

99Vidas, from QUByte Interactive, is a beat 'em up featuring a group of warriors with elemental powers facing off against a crime boss who has obtained the 99Vidas, an artifact granting 99 lives to whomever wields its power. The game allows up to 4P online and offline co-op, with each of the initially available characters offering a different balance of strength and power, and different elemental enhancements to their attacks. As the player racks up combos and grabs video game consoles out of broken crates (because video games), he builds up a score which can be spent between levels to unlock new combos and upgrade these attacks... or just spent on extra lives. The game offers six long levels, a pair of bonus areas, and 7 additional unlockable characters, as well as a Versus mode, Survival mode, and New Game+ mode.

The game is available for PC, Mac, Linux via Steam, Xbox One via Microsoft Store, PS3, PS4, and Vita via PSN, with physical PS4 and Vita versions planned for a later date, and it's also planned for release on Switch. Check our coverage here.


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