September 5, 2018

Arrival Delayed: Mable & The Wood

Mable & The Wood, from Triple Vision Games, was originally set for release in February of 2017, but is now planned for release early next year on PC, Mac, and Linux. But there's a brand new trailer released today to re-whet your appetite for this shapeshifting metroidvania (below).

This is an explorative action game starring a girl named Mable who lives in a world that is being drained of its color due to the overuse of magic. Mable is able to change forms, shapeshifting into the shapes of the bosses she kills, as she fights to save the world... but her very powers are also aiding in its destruction. Transformations include a flying fairy, a creepy grapple-spinning spider, and a stone form that allows you to petrify your foes. The player is able to select from multiple areas, but the journey grows more perilous as the destruction of the world continues. Music for the game was composed by Music for the game was composed by Fat Bard, who was also the composer behind CrashLands and Blitz Breaker.


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