November 4, 2018

Target Acquired: Furwind

Furwind, from Boomfire Games, is a colorful platformer starring a fox named Furwind who must save his village from an ancient evil that was recently resurrected. Furwind runs and jumps through levels, using his tail to whack enemies and defeat minibosses as he collects coins, frees imprisoned villagers, and completes optional puzzle-centric challenge missions. Most levels are nonlinear, allowing Furwind to head off in any direction he likes, but he must defeat the minibosses in order to open the exit. Gameplay is mixed between open forest areas that allow for free exploration, darkened caves where the player must collect fireflies to avoid being killed by enemies that hide in the dark, and towers where the player must ascend ever upward while avoiding pits of lava below.

The game is now available for PC via Steam and Check our coverage here.


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