February 10, 2019

Target Acquired: Klaus

Klaus, from La Cosa Entertainment, was released on PS4 in 2016, but just recently arrived on PC as well. The game features a fellow named Klaus, or at least he believes that's his name. The protagonist awakens with the word "Klaus" written on his arm with no idea of whom or where he is. The player controls Klaus but can also independently manipulate objects in the environment, which Klaus notices... and he makes comments to the unseen player who appears to be helping him. Later, Klaus meets a brute of a man named K1, who appears to be a giant mutant version of himself. The player then assumes control of both characters - simultaneously or separately - to complete puzzle-platforming challenges and open the way forward. Through the course of the game, Klaus questions his very existence, the nature of the player, and the actions of his past.

The game is available on PS4 via PSN and PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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