April 21, 2019

Early Arrival: Lonk's Adventure

Lonk's Adventure, from Pixelatto, is an open-world retro-style platformer starring a fellow named Lonk who must rescue the kidnapped princess... but this is no ordinary adventure. The trick here is that the game features 100 different endings, and most of your major actions lead to one of these endings. Walk into a cave and pick up a sword from an old man who says "It's dangerous to go alone!", and then plunge the sword into the old man's chest to get Ending #1. Of course, you'll go to prison for a few years, but when you get out, the adventure continues, and you can look for the next ending. While the premise is simple, there is some strategy involved with exploring the world and finding these different endings, since each piece of equipment lets you do different things, but the more you're carrying, the lower your jump height. Throughout your adventure, you'll find a sword, shield, hookshot, bombs, and a chicken that lets you glide through the air (there are lots of Legend of Zelda references in case you haven't figured that out), among other things, and loads of silly humor to encounter along the way.

The game has been available on PC via Steam Early Access for about six months while the developer makes tweaks and adds new endings... and the 100th ending was added just a couple weeks ago, so it's all hot and fresh. Check our coverage here.


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