May 8, 2019

Proximity Alert: GunLord X

Unless you're a really big Turrican fan, you might not have heard of GunLord, and that's because developer NGDEV released the game exclusively on the Dreamcast in 2012 (way beyond that system's official end of life)... but you haven't missed your chance to give it a try. GunLord X promises to bring "eurostyle" running, shooting, and exploration to your Switch console, with 11 stages and 60+ enemy types. You play the GunLord himself as he blasts his way through colorful baddies on a mission to rescue his wife, leaving explosions, chunky particles, and smoking husks in his wake. You also take to the skies in horizontal shmup sequences that see you blasting through enemy ships and other hulking monstrosities. You have a Turrican-esque beam weapon and an array of other armaments that you can cycle through, as well as a very strange Turrican-esque roll (really, it's a good idea to study up on Turrican before you sink your teeth into this), and you face off against some grotesque screen-filling bosses along the way.

The game is coming to Switch this month - May 22 to be exact - which is pretty exciting given that it was just announced today... and there's a five-and-a-half minute trailer to get you up to speed on the insanity that awaits your tender fingers.

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