September 26, 2019

New Blip: Fallen Angel

In Fallen Angel, from Matrioshka Games, you take on the role of the fallen angel Lucifer, who has returned to Heaven to have his revenge. This is a hack-and-slash actioner where the enemies are the agents of God's holy army. While the odds may seem to be stacked against this anti-hero - inspired by John Milton's portrayal of the character in Paradise Lost - as it turns out, Heaven is in a bit of disarray. God has left the place unattended and the Angels are fighting amongst themselves for the honor of becoming the ultimate power, unless that lovable scamp Lucifer seizes the power for himself... or just destroys everything for the fun of it. Lucifer can make use of beastly transformations during combat to slash through enemies, target them from a distance, or slam down on them from above.

The game is coming to PC in June 2020.

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