January 28, 2020

Early Arrival: Dark Raider

Dark Raider, from the curiously-named Unreal Dark Stud (game tweets), is a hack-and-slash actioner set within procedurally generated dungeons. It is the time of the apocalypse and mankind must now face its vengeful gods, except each group of people has its own religion and its own gods... and they're all attacking at once. Still, hope remains in the form of monster-filled dungeons. For each dungeon that is overcome, humanity will be granted one additional day of life, and perhaps even earn its redemption altogether. The game features three playable characters - a warrior, a mage, and a barbarian - each with his or her own unique moveset. The warrior attacks quickly with a sword, the mage uses projectiles and up-close magic blasts, and the barbarian uses a slow but powerful hammer, and he can absorb more damage. Characters can perform combos, dash, and counterattack, and they can each be upgraded unlock new abilities and more powerful attacks.

The game is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access.

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