February 11, 2020

New Blip: Exit the Gungeon

Remember Enter the Gungeon? It was a gun-themed bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler with an oddball sense of humor, where the ultimate reward was a gun that could kill the past. Well, Dodge Roll is back and teaming up with Singlecore for a follow-up -slash- spin-off called Exit the Gungeon. ("Just when I thought I was in, they pull me back out!") So the past got erased at the end of the first game (um, spoilers), creating a paradox that is causing the Gungeon to collapse, and your goal is to get out (in case you hadn't guessed that from the title). Instead of an overhead dungeon crawler experience, this is an ascent-based shooty platformer, which retains its roguelike bullet hell roots. Players must ride up elevators of various sorts, hover on top of balloons, and ride various mechanical contraptions on their way to the top of the ever-shifting Gungeon. Along the way, players must blast baddies, dodge bullets, and take on menacing bosses that would like to see them plummeting to their doom.

The game technically already came out on Apple Arcade last year... but that doesn't really count. It's coming to PC this Spring so regular humans can play it, and it's planned for release on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One at or around the same time.

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