August 30, 2020

Target Acquired: Witcheye

Witcheye, from Moon Kid, is a mobile-turned-console/PC game that offers retro-style visuals and charming enemy designs. You control a witch's floating eyeball as it pursues a knight that has stolen a bunch of her gems and potion ingredients. Rather than having direct control over the eyeball, you flick in a given direction, which causes the eye to fly along in a straight line, and you use this technique to defeat enemies, break blocks, and take down some pretty clever bosses and minibosses. There are 100 different enemy types to be found across 50+ short levels, and lots of gems to be found by smashing everything in sight and occasionally hunting around for their hiding places. The initial run through the game doesn't last long, but there are two harder difficulty settings, plus a miniboss and boss rush and speedrun modes.

The game came out on iOS and Android last year, but now you can get it on Switch via eShop or PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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