September 29, 2020

New Blip: Mechblaze

Mechblaze (a.k.a. MECHBLAZE) is the latest mech combat game from Astro Port and a continuation of the shared "Astro Saga" universe, which includes Gigantic Army, Steel Strider, and several other games. Argo Express, an undercover military organization that uses a delivery service as its front, is once again called upon to make a special delivery... of steel! (Cue wailing electric guitars!) It's the year 1989, and humankind is taking a well deserved break after the defeat of the extraterrestrial Gogoh Army, but peace doesn't last long. A secret society executes a worldwide attack, and you take on the role of a Manned Combat Robot pilot as you blast the hell out of other mechs, war machines, and massive bosses. The game features six action-packed stages, 13 different weapons, and a range of difficulty levels to suit newcomers and mech combat veterans alike.

The game is coming soon to PC.

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