May 29, 2021

Target Acquired: Mutants from the Deep

Mutants from the Deep is the latest from Locomalito, developer of Maldita Castilla, Super Hydorah, The Curse of Issyos, and numerous other titles. Mutants from the Deep is an underwater shooter offering two playable characters with differing stats, one of whom is a human investigating sabotage to a pipeline, and the other is a mermaid whose home has come under attack from an unknown enemy. The story is different depending on which character you select, with their narratives intertwining for a single ending after seven levels. You are able to fire your harpoon in eight directions, and there are three other weapons to pick up, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Fight your way through various sea creatures and bosses, and purchase upgrades between levels to increase your firepower, speed, health, or air capacity. The game is done in the style of the MSX with a limited color palette and choppy scrolling, and it carries an old-school difficulty... you must shoot accurately to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and if you get killed or run out of air, it's back to the start of the game with you.

The game is now available on MSX (via MSX emulation) or PC on Locomalito's website, which also includes some other niceties like a PDF manual, poster, and DVD/case art. The game is available as freeware.


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