June 25, 2022

Target Acquired: Pocky & Rocky Reshrined

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, from NatsumeAtari, doubles as a remake and a brand new adventure. The game starts out as a single player experience (2P is unlocked after you beat the game) where Pocky fights her way through familiar enemies and locations. But at the end of the second level, things get turned on their head as a villain alters the timeline and sends Pocky on a new path. Pocky is joined by her faithful friend Rocky, along with three additional companions, all of whom become playable during the course of the adventure. The game features the same colorful fantasy shooting and deflecting that you remember from the classic SNES games, along with several new abilities, new levels and bosses, and a strange time-bending story that ties it all together. And when it's all over, have your buddy grab a controller as you select from one of five playable characters for a new take on that classic couch co-op experience.

The game is now available for Switch via eShop, and PS4 via PSN, with physical versions available to preorder via Gamesrocket. Check our coverage here.


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